2021 VOYAGES CANCELLED 1 Jan - 31 Dec, 2021

There's been so very nice people among the crew and the trainees... To be true, quase todos eles! The dolphins playing around out bow; swimming in the arctic ocean. The crew members were always kind, friendly, helpful, very nice. It was a very "chilled" atmosphere.

Lutz, Germany

The whole set Nature-Machine-Man is an awakening of senses and feelings. Hence, all together, this created remarkable moments while we were sailing. I wanted to join this boat trip for a long time!

Duarte, Portugal

The best experiences on board were undoubtedly the trip on the rubber boat to photograph, followed by "bathing in the Arctic". Sailing through the the fjords was also memorable. I hope they continue and that we have the opportunity to repeat this. Thank you for everything.

Paulo Miguel, Portugal

The whole group and the crew interacted very well. I enjoyed the trips on the dory boats in the Zodiac, the manoeuvers and hoisting and fastening the sails. The moments spent on the deck were truly magical.

Maria Paula, Portugal

The trip has been a succession of magical moments: the local architecture, the vast landscape, especially the sea. Above all, we found a group of sea lovers, immune to any discomfort.

Maria, Portugal

I appreciated the camaraderie among the crew namely the sense of mutual help. Very polite and without subservience.

Anónimo, Portugal

In general, everyone seemed really proud of being a crew member of the SMM. Each of the persons had interesting stories. The one that inspired me most was Ivo's story. Emerson is one rock of confidence, very helpful and patient. The risk of naming 2 persons is that you forget the rest of the crew

Sergio, Holanda

Great crew, very open, explained a lot with love and passion for their profession. From boats man till captain, I enjoyed the chats, stories and conversations!

Sergio, Holanda

The trip was absolutely incredible. I am extremely impressed with the ship and the crew. I felt very at home on board and the crew was so kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I feel like I learned so much about the ship and navigation and I know many of the other passengers feel the same. I truly enjo

Julia - Spain

I loved that the crew wanted us to be involved and gave us tasks that we could do. It is also evident how important safety on board is and I was impressed to see all of the crew members in harnesses and helmets whenever they were in precarious positions.

Sailwiz – Spain

I can't imagine the Santa Maria Manuela having a bigger fan than me. It was a remarkable experience and I really enjoyed getting to know the crew as well as all of the passengers. It was a great group of people to spend 6 days with.

Sailwiz – Spain

An unforgettable experience!

Santa Maria Manuela (SMM) was built in 1937, was part of the legendary White Fleet and faced the adversities of the Northern seas during the tough cod fishing campaigns. Now, completely renovated, it's a unique sail ship with excellent conditions for travel, events and nautical experiences.

Get to know Santa Maria Manuela (SMM) spaces through 360º photos and videos

Click on the orange icons that are distributed by the ship

  • Dory

    It was in these wooden boats that the fishermen spent twelve hours in the cold, lost in the fog that covered the sea of Newfoundland and Greenland. The sailors...

  • Deck

    The area where once the 60 sailors prepared the dory boats (small wooden boats) for cod fishing by line is now available to host company meetings…

  • Helm

    The place where the captains of Santa Maria Manuela made their most critical decisions during the cod fishing journeys in the northern seas. The helm of the ship is now…

  • Navigating bridge

    The SMM is equipped with the most modern navigation systems and is therefore a very efficient ship for coastal and ocean boat trips. It has no…

  • Rooms

    The SMM has a capacity for 50 people and all the conditions of comfort to enjoy a pleasant trip. The cabins are equipped with air…

  • Multipurpose room

    With a total area of 80 m2 this flexible room can be used to host dinners, conferences, company meetings, film screenings or presentations. The area is…

  • Kitchen Gallery

    There are two pantries and a main kitchen, located in the ship’s prow. This area is equipped to serve up to 150 meals a day.

  • Officers’ Room

    This is the room where the ship’s officers make their decisions. The captain seats at the head of the table according to the protocol.

  • Masts

    This ship is a lugger – vessel with 3 or more masts and quadrangular lateens, or Latin sails. The four masts of Santa Maria Manuela are 38.6 metres high.

  • Sails

    The four masts of the ship support 12 sails. The sail providing more power to the ship is called Mizzen and lies on the prow.

SMM Numbers

  • 62,64 m

    Hull's length

  • 9,90 m


  • 1120 m

    Sail area

  • 746 kW

    Power rating

  • 22


  • 50


  • 12

    Cabins to sleep 2

  • 5

    Cabins to sleep 4

  • 1

    Cabin to sleep 6

  • 150

    Meals / Day

Meet the Crew

The crew of Santa Maria Manuela is very experienced and is prepared for ocean voyages, training and accompanying your events.


  • Artur RibeiroCAPTAIN

  • João CiriacoCAPTAIN


O Santa Maria Manuela está equipado com um sistema de comunicações internas, que serve a tripulação, e externas, para comunicar com portos e embarcações. Existe também um telefone que funciona mesmo em caso de falhas de energia.


Um sistema de piloto automático e equipamento radar servem de apoio à navegação.


É nesta zona que estão instalados os controlos do leme e da máquina. Existe também um impulsor de proa que permite afastar ou aproximar a proa do cais durante as manobras.

Cartas de Navegação

De duas em duas horas são registadas as posições do navio numa carta de navegação em papel. Prática que se mantém apesar de existirem computadores com mapas digitais.

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Explore the map to know the current position of SMM and the destination of future and past boat trips

HistoryThe Adventures of “Manuela”

Men cried on board the ship every time a fisherman died, cried of joy when the tanks were full and grinded their teeth to withstand the cold and the storms.

History SMM


Know the surprising tales told by the crew and visitors

Thank you, ex-captain!

This week we marked the sad death of our former captain, Vitorino Paulo Ramalheira. The crew of Santa Maria Manuela sends the most sincere condolences to his family and...

11May, 2021


Congratulations, SMM!

Today we celebrate the anniversary of this beautiful ship. 84 years after launch, he is in a dry dock, in Aveiro, preparing for future adventures.

10May, 2021

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General Conditions

Article 1. – Definitions

Definitions used in these General Terms:

  • a. Carrier: Recheio cash & carry S.A.
  • b. Client: A natural or legal person who enters into one or more contracts covered by these General Terms with the carrier.
  • c. Contract: All contracts signed between the carrier and the client under these General Terms.
  • d. Guest: third parties whose entry into the ship is authorized by the carrier pursuant to the contract signed with the client.
  • e. Ship journey: the entire cruise, including stay on board during the period foreseen in the contract.
  • f. Luggage: luggage which is easy to carry by the client and/or guest; suitcases, travel bags and/or backpacks.
  • g. Ship: the ship identified in the contract.
  • h. Price: the price referred to as such in the contract.

Article 2. – Scope

2.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these General Terms apply to all contracts, including all offers made under this agreement, entered into between the carrier and the client and relating to the transport and/or catering services and other related services.

2.2. These Terms also apply to guests. The client shall be responsible for its guests and indemnify the carrier for any damages caused by such guests.

2.3. These Terms are written in Portuguese and translated into English. In case of any divergence between the original version and the translation, the Portuguese version shall prevail.

Article 3. - Offer / award

3.1. All of the carrier's offers, including offers contained in brochures, advertisements and websites are optional and may be cancelled by the carrier. Such cancellation, if it occurs, will be notified to the client as soon as possible.
3.2. The offer mentions:

  • a. The overall amount of the trip and the percentage that shall be paid in advance;
  • b. The means of payment;
  • c. The maximum number of guests per ship;
  • d. The place, date and time of boarding and landing;

These General Terms are an integral part of the first offer.

Article 4. - The contract

4.1. Except in case of a cancellation as provided for in article 3.1, the contract is concluded after the client accepts the offer. The carrier shall send a written or electronic confirmation to the client, after the agreement has been concluded.

4.2. The client provides to the carrier in advance or, at the latest before departure, all of his/her information as well as that of the registered guests.

Article 5. - Cancelation

5.1. In the event of the contract's cancellation, the client must inform the carrier as soon as possible, by letter. The valid date for the contract's cancellation is the date of receipt of said letter by the carrier.

5.2. The contract's cancellation by the client requires the payment of a fixed amount to the carrier, in the following terms:

Compensation - ship:

  • 15% in the event of cancellation up to 6 months prior to departure;
  • 20% in the event of cancellation up to 5 months prior to departure;
  • 30% in the event of cancellation 4 months prior to departure;
  • 40% in the event of cancellation 3 months prior to departure;
  • 50% in the event of cancellation 2 months prior to departure;
  • 75% in the event of cancellation 1 month prior to departure;
  • 90% in the event of cancellation 1 day prior to departure;
  • 100% in the event of cancellation on the day of departure.

Compensation - catering and other services:

  • 15% in the event of cancellation 2 months prior to departure;
  • 25% in the event of cancellation 1 month prior to departure;
  • 50% in the event of cancellation 2 weeks prior to departure;
  • 75% in the event of cancellation 1 week prior to departure;
  • 95% in the event of cancellation 1 day prior to departure;
  • 100% in the event of cancellation on the day of departure.

Whenever the losses incurred by the carrier, as a result of the cancellation, exceed 15% of the fixed amounts mentioned above, the carrier shall be compensated by the client who shall pay such additional amounts.

Article 6. - Suspension and termination

6.1. In the event of breach of the obligations provided in the contract, by either party, the other party has the right to suspend the fulfillment of its obligations, except in cases in which such non-compliance does not justify the suspension due to being based on matters of special or minor importance.

6.2. Failure by one of the parties to comply with the obligations provided in the agreement, gives the other party the right to cancel its respective pledge, except in cases in which such breach does not justify the cancellation due to being based on matters of special or minor importance.

6.3. The carrier reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect in case of:

  • - Bankruptcy, insolvency, initiation of a special revitalization process or receivership;
  • - If the client does not fulfil his/her obligations within 5 working days after receiving a written notification to do so.
  • - If there is a situation similar to that referred in Article 11, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 below.
  • - If the ship is not available due to unforeseeable circumstances and if, despite the efforts made by the carrier, a similar ship cannot be made available.

6.4. The cancellation or suspension must be notified in writing, by one party to the other, stating the relevant reasons. The contract is deemed to have been settled amicably upon receipt of the cancellation letter by the client.

6.5. If the client is responsible for the cause underlying the suspension or cancellation, the resulting damages will be borne by the client.

Article 7. - Price and price amendments

7.1. Unless otherwise agreed, the price does not include port expenses, bridge or locks expenses, fees and other similar expenses, which shall be borne by the client who is on board the ship.

7.2. The referred price is subject to changes resulting from the unforeseen increase in government charges, taxes or surcharges on fuel, whenever these occur after the signing of the contract.

7.3. If, as a result of the increase in prices, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the agreed price has an increase of more than 15%, the client has the right to cancel or withdraw from the contract.

Article 8. - Payment

8.1. Payment shall be made by bank transfer to the account designated by the carrier. The date on the carrier's bank statement is considered the payment date.

Article 9. - Late Payment

9.1. The client defaults after the agreed payment date has expired. In that case, the carrier shall notify the client granting him/her a period of five working days after receiving the notification to make the payment.

9.2. Failure to pay the amount due after the period stipulated in the payment notice entitles the carrier to charge interest calculated from the due date, at the applicable legal rate, plus 3% per year over the due amount.

9.3. If the client remains without paying the amount due after being notified to do so, the carrier has the right to add collection costs to the amount owed, which include the judicial and extrajudicial costs.

Extrajudicial costs amount to:

  • 15% over the first 2,500.00 euros of the outstanding amount, which shall amount to at least 40 euros;
  • 10% over the following 2,500.00 euros of the outstanding amount;
  • 5% over the following 5,000.00 of the outstanding amount;
  • 1% over the following 15,000.00 of the outstanding amount, Unless the amount spent by the carrier is less than such amounts.

9.4. All billing claims shall be made in writing, clearly defined and documented, and sent promptly to the carrier upon receipt of the invoice.

Article 10. – Carrier’s obligations

10.1 The carrier performs the cruise according to its best practices and efficiency rules.

10.2. The carrier shall ensure that the ship and the crew comply with the legal requirements of the country where the ship is registered.

10.3. The route shall be defined by consulting the client, unless it has been previously fixed by the carrier and/or by the captain of the ship.

10.4. The carrier and/or the captain of the ship may change the cruise for navigation reasons.

Navigation reasons include, but are not limited to, all aspects relating to weather and sea conditions, blocking of sea lanes, state of the ship, force majeure, strikes and the salvage of lives and property at sea.

These reasons may also include the amendment of the place of departure and/or arrival and/or the decision not to set sail.

10.5. In the cases mentioned in the previous paragraph, the carrier and/or the captain of the ship shall always try to find, together with the client, an alternative solution. All reasonable additional costs, shall be borne by the client.

Article 11. – Client's (and guests) obligations

11.1. The client and his guests are to have their personal documentation duly organised and updated and the carrier declines any responsibility for the failure to comply with these duties.

11.2. Children travelling with their parents or authorised by them to travel with other adults are required to have their own personal identification document.

11.3. Unless otherwise agreed, at the end of the cruise, the client shall deliver the ship under the same conditions as the client found it upon boarding.

11.4. During the duration of the cruise, the client and the guests must maintain appropriate behavior towards the crew and other persons on board.

11.5. The instructions given by the carrier and/or the ship's captain and/or crew must be strictly followed for safety reasons and to maintain order on the ship.

11.6. If, in the opinion of the carrier and/or the captain, the client fails to comply with paragraphs 2 and 3 above, the carrier and/or the ship's captain may terminate the contract immediately and/or deny the client and/or his/her guests access to the ship, unless such breach does not justify the termination of the contract due to being based on reasons of special or minor importance.

11.7. The client and the guests are not authorized to carry other goods on board other than the luggage mentioned above, unless prior authorization is given by the carrier and/or the ship's captain.

11.8. The client and guests may not carry pets on board, unless prior authorization is given by the carrier and/or the ship's captain.

11.9. The client and guests may not bring on board or be in possession of materials or objects that may endanger the health, well-being and/or safety of third parties, such as hazardous substances, explosives, radioactive and/or toxic substances, contraband, weapons, ammunition and drugs.

11.10. The client must deliver to the ship's captain a list with the name of the guests, no later than the day of their arrival.

Article 12. – Force Majeure

12.1. Force Majeure are unforeseeable circumstances that can lead to delays or the inability to comply with the contract, whenever these circumstances cannot be avoided by the carrier due to legal, contractual or social issues.

12.2. Force Majeure includes damage to the ship that causes the ship to be unable to perform. These damages must be caused by circumstances that the carrier could not anticipate or prevent.

12.3. The termination of the contract for reasons of force majeure gives the carrier the right to be reimbursed for expenses incurred before the occurrence of such force majeure that led to the termination of the contract and provided that the client benefits from the services provided.

Article 13. – Carrier's liability

13.1. The carrier shall not be liable for damages resulting from death or injury and/or property damage that is caused by circumstances whose consequences any diligent carrier could not have avoided.

13.2. Any compensation to be paid, as a result of the inability to comply with its obligations as set out in Article 10 above, shall be limited to the agreed price for hiring the ship.

13.3. If the carrier proves that the damages were caused by the client's and/or the guest's fault or negligence, or if such fault or negligence contributed to the damages, the carrier's liability shall be removed, in full or in part.

13.4. The carrier shall not be liable for damages caused by delays due to meteorological reasons, the time the cruise starts and/or finishes or the availability of a replacement ship due to unforeseen circumstances.

Article 14. – Client's (and guests) liability

The customer is liable for the damages caused by himself or his guests on board the ship, except in cases where the damages are due to the carrier's acts or omissions.

Article 15. – Claims

15.1. Claims relating to the performance of the contract shall be clearly presented to the carrier and/or to the captain of the ship immediately after the relevant facts have occurred.

15.2. All claims for invoices must be submitted, in writing, within a maximum period of 10 days after receipt of the invoice.

Article 16. - Disputes

16.1. All disputes relating to this contract are governed by Portuguese law, with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Maritime Court of Lisbon (Tribunal Marítimo de Lisboa).

Article 17. - Cork fees

17.1. Aboard the SMM we serve a range of wines, beers and spirits. If you wish to bring your own alcohol our cork fees per bottle are:

  • Spirits & Wine €20.00
  • Beer €2.00

Artigo 18. - Special Diets

18.1. Santa Maria Manuela will always seek to accommodate guests needs and preferences, but since our infrastructure space is limited we can only accommodate allergies and intolerances. In our daily menu there is some options including salad, soup and vegetables.

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