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V3 - Côte d'Azur, and Corsica sailing hop

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*Travellers must be between 14 and 80 years old on the date of sailing to be eligible for the trip.

Destination: Marseille - Nice

Dates:16 April (Embark 16h00) 19 April (Disembark 10h00)

Voyage highlights

  • Sail in comfort aboard the newly renovated Santa Maria Manuela.
  • A hands-on sailing experience aboard a historic 1937 tall ship.
  • Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean coastline as you sail from Marseille towards Corsica or along the Côte d'Azur.
  • Enjoy the ships kayaks and paddle boards
  • Savor Mediterranean cuisine in charming seafood restaurants.
  • Unwind on Nice’s stunning beaches, explore the Old Town, and enjoy the vibrant French Riviera atmosphere.

Voyage description

This three-day sailing voyage on the Santa Maria Manuela promises an exhilarating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From Marseille's ancient maritime roots towards the azure blue coastline of Corsica, finishing in Nice, for some springtime splendor, this journey will leave you with lasting memories.

Our adventure starts in the enchanting port city of Marseille, often referred to as the "Gateway to the Mediterranean," founded by Greek sailors in 600 BC. Before boarding visit Vieux-Port where colorful fishing boats and luxury yachts share the water, creating a picturesque contrast between past and present. Explore Fort Saint-Nicolas the centuries old guard of the city. Its panoramic views of Marseille and the Mediterranean are breathtaking

As we sail south towards Corsica volunteer to help the crew hoist and set the sails. The feeling of helming a 68m sailing ship with the sensation as she responds to the command of the wheel is something to savor forever. There´s nothing our crew like more then to share their knowledge of sailing with our guests, and they will encourage you to get actively involved in sailing the ship.

Knot classes are a great way to learn a new skill whilst sharing sailing stories with shipmates, and if the weather allows there's the opportunity to go up the mast or relax on the bowsprit. A drink at sunset on the deck is the perfect way to round off each day.

During the voyage, we will sail where the wind dictates. Options include sailing south towards Corsica to shelter overnight in Corsica’s lee or sailing along the Mediterranean’s Côte d'Azur and stopping at a calm moment for a chance to swim and enjoy the ships kayaks and paddle boards.

Finally we sail for the chic city of Nice on the French Riviera, with our arrival marked by a night of celebration with fellow shipmates during a deck BBQ.

After disembarking, visit the Nice, rich in maritime history dating back to Roman times, then known as "Nikaia," was a prominent naval base. Stroll along the Promenade des Anglais or explore Vieux Nice, the charming narrow streets and vibrant markets.

April in Corsica offers mild and pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging from 13°C to 19°C (55°F to 66°F). It's an ideal time to visit as spring blossoms across the island, and the tourist crowds have yet to arrive.

When preparing for your voyage please bear in mind:

  • Your passport must have at least 6 months validity at the time of travel
  • The SMM is granted no flexibility for the embarkation and disembarkation times from the customs authorities
  • All guests must be between the age of 14 and 80 yrs at the time of travel