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Sailing and in-port deck events onboard the Santa Maria Manuela are a fun, effective and memorable way to bring teams together, promote collaboration, reward and incentivize performance and develop lasting relationships with colleagues and clients.

The ships unique heritage, striking white hull, beautiful lines and large open deck make it one of the most sought-after vessels in the tall ships world for company events.

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Sailing events

The Santa Maria Manuela offers a huge variety of memorable sailing solutions for companies looking to engage their stakeholders in an inspiring way. No prior sailing experience is necessary, just an open mind and a thirst for adventure.

Client Engagement
Whether it’s a sunset cruise sailed along the city waterfront, a day learning to sail or a weekend adventure of ocean or coastal sailing, the Santa Maria Manuela and our team of professional sailors guarantees a memorable and effective client engagement solution.

Team Development
The Santa Maria Manuela Team Development Experience is a powerful way to bring teams together, inspiring collaboration and communication. With no sailing experience necessary, by the end of the event we aim to have taught our trainee guests how to sail the ship effectively and safely with the shared achievement forming lasting bonds between colleagues.

What are the business benefits:
• Increased collaboration and communication amongst teams and clients
• A fun and playful approach to building team moral and relationships
• An inspired workforce through reward and recognition
• Improved leadership, confidence and decision making
• Strategic approach to problem solving and unfamiliar situations

Employee Reward and Recognition
The Santa Maria Manuela holds a special place in the hearts of the Portuguese nation. The chance to play an active role in sailing this famous ship, and pass evenings relaxing amongst friends and colleagues is a proven formula to reward and recognize success in business.

Deck Events

The Santa Maria Manuela is famous in the Tall Ships world for its large and open deck making it an ideal and memorable solution for business receptions, public events and private parties. 

Venue Hire

Celebrated as one of the leading ships in the famous Portuguese White Fleet, the Santa Maria Manuela is a popular and striking platform for parties and celebrations whether under sail or in port.

Business meetings and forums

Below decks the Terra Nova Salon is equipped with an LCD screen and seating for 40 making it a versatile venue for business meetings and forums.  Our decks are wide and open, with an awning providing cover from the sun and rain, making the ship ideal for larger meetings, forums and product announcements.  


Santa Maria Manuela has been the backdrop for a number of celebrated documentaries, most famously ‘The White Ship’, shot by the National Film Board of Canada and the BBC’s production on the Bacalhau industry. Together with our more recent work with National Geographic and the big screen producers Cinemate, the ships unique heritage and original state combined with our flexible approach to working with production companies continues to make it an ideal platform from which to tell stories.


50 Pax            At sea by day
44 Pax            At sea overnight
200 Pax          Reception on deck (On the Quay)*
100 Pax          Buffet on deck (On the Quay/On Anchor)
70 Pax            Standing buffet on deck with occasional seating (On the Quay/On Anchor)
38 Pax            Seated buffet in the Salon Terra Nova (+ 5 by the bar)


€8000 inc vat Day sailing events including lunch, afternoon tea and sundowners. Multi day overnight charters include rooms with private ensuite shower and toilet facilities, all meals and start and finish port costs. *

€5000 inc vat Deck events *All additional facilities, catering and drinks are provided by the client.


We have designed varying sailing solutions which meet the needs of our various customer groups. These include young sail trainees who sail in the tall ships events, Individuals going on sailing holidays and companies.

*Where sailing charters are less than 2 days, start and finish port fees are payable in addition