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Aboard the Santa Maria Manuela we offer environmentally conscious hands-on sailing and island-hopping voyages, diving expeditions and sail training experiences.

Many people who step aboard have not sailed before so our professional crew is ready to ensure a both rewarding and fun experience. You are invited to get involved in all aspects of sailing if you wish, from helming to trimming sails to taking part in night watches, but all activities are voluntary.

In addition to sailing, each journey may include a range of activities. If the weather and the itinerary allow the ships fishing equipment, kayaks, canoes and two 12-man powerboats are available to those with adventure in mind. Evenings are spent in good company sharing tales of the day’s adventures around the bar or relaxing with a good book, playing board games or watching films in the Salon Terra Nova.

On our voyages we never use the word itinerary, as our captain will always be aiming for the best locations and most idyllic or sheltered anchorages and ports depending on the weather forecast. He is as keen as you to include some of the highlights described, but you have to go with Mother Nature, not fight her. The journey description above is based on what we think might be possible, based on past trips, or experience, but nothing is guaranteed.


No prior sailing experience is necessary to sail aboard the Santa Maria Manuela. Our crew will invite you to get involved in all elements of the ship’s life, and is here to teach you all about the ship and how it sails should you wish, but participation is voluntary.


People of all ages and abilities are welcome to sail with us aboard the Santa Maria Manuela. To ensure everyone gets the most out of sailing with us we ask all passengers to be are independently mobile.


Cabins are basic but comfortable, each with a private shower and heads (toilet). The beds are all in bunks which adds to the authenticity and adventure of sailing on a classic sailing ship. We provide all bedding and towels required. All cabins are air conditioned.

There is a reading light and power socket (European 2 pin) next to each bed
Couples have priority in the 2 person cabins. Sometime when the ship is full you may be put into a shared cabin. If you wish to guarantee a two-person cabin for yourself (1 person) we charge a 50% supplement, and for two people booking together, we charge a 10% supplement. When the 2-person cabins are full, any additional booking will be in shared cabins split between male and female.


The Salon Terra Nova seats up to 40 for meals with cushioned bench sofas also offering enough comfort to relax. There is a TV, ships library and board games to keep you entertained, but most of all we recommend conversation with your shipmates, and a few moments gazing at the nights sky with a drink in hand. 


Food is a key part of the Santa Maria Manuela experience, with the ships cook providing a variety of traditional Portuguese and international dishes.  Once a week, when the weather allows we host a BBQ on deck.

Alcoholic drinks, other beverages and SMM branded clothing are available to buy at the bar.  Payment is only by Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard), MBWay and Multibanco.  We can not accept cash.


A limited paid for Wi-Fi is available through the ships satellite system.  Sometimes there can be up to 44 guests aboard so the service can be slow.


This is a list of the items we recommend you bring with you.

• Valid passport with 6 months validity
• Certificates of medical and travel insurance
• Warm hat and gloves
• Wet weather clothing – waterproof and windproof jacket
• Clothing – enough clothing for all weather circumstances and for sailing at night.
• Soft soled trainers or deck shoes
• Swimming gear
• Toiletries
• Sunblock
• Sunglasses
• Sea sickness medication
• Personal medication
• Book
• Camera



When you book your flights, please allow enough extra time in your schedule to avoid any problems with embarkation in case of delays. If you have to travel for more then 8 hours or if alternative transport is limited please plan to arrive (minimal) one day before embarkation. Please also keep in mind that you take enough time between disembarkation and your flight home, preferably a flight one or more days later. If you do want to fly the same day of disembarkation we advise you to book a flight end of the day.


If your journey is sailing in foreign waters, you will require a full passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the journey. Please check with your embassy to see if you need to arrange any immigration visa or permit to travel to any of the countries the voyage will visit. You will be responsible for obtaining these.


All guests who travel aboard the Santa Maria Manuela are covered by our Third Party Liability Insurance. This cover does not extend to any activity off the ship.


Please complete the booking form online in full. It not only gives us important information about how to contact you but also lets us know about any specific requirements you may have.
We ask that you make payment through our website in full at the time of your booking.


• All meals on board Santa Maria Manuela – including daily breakfast, lunch and evening meal;
• Refreshments (coffee, tea, water and juice) throughout the day;
• Use of safety equipment;
• All instruction on board by fully qualified crew;
• Third Party Liability Insurance.


• Travel to and from the boat;
• Personal travel insurance;
• For alcoholic and soft drinks please ask onboard crew members for details;
• Any excursions and meals on shore unless otherwise stated;
• Immigration fees.



A sailing ship at sea is much steadier than a motor vessel and most people get used to the motion of the ship after a few days but if you think you might be susceptible to seasickness, please bring your own seasickness pills. We advise you to try these before you leave home in case you suffer any side-effects.


We make every effort to ensure the safety of every person on board but we also ask that you take responsibility for their own health and safety.
When undertaking ocean voyages we are often several days from harbor so we need to be self-sufficient. Aboard we have an emergency health store and a number of the ships officers are medically trained to a basic level.
We ask everyone travelling with us to complete our health declaration form. If you have any specific medical needs we may also ask you to submit a ‘fit to travel document’ document from your doctor. Once you have submitted your health declaration please inform the office of the Santa Maria Manuela about any change in condition.
You will be required to bring any medication you require for any health disorder or sickness you may have.
All bookings are subject to the approval of the company, Santa Maria Manuela Turismo SA and the captain based on the completed health statement.


If you have any questions please email, or call: +351 9380 40843