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Throughout history, teams have excelled when they combine the energies and talents of their individual members with clear leadership. As the workplace has become more complex with globalized remote operations, the way teams work together increasingly makes the difference between success and failure.
To ensure teams are effective in the modern world, it is now even more vital for companies to invest in their future through learning and development initiatives. Increasingly, high performing teams consist of experts working in agile and dynamic project groups where the soft skills of communication, collaboration, reasoning, empathy, resilience and leadership are increasingly seen as the defining factor between success and failure


CEGOC is part of the CEGOC Group – global leader in Learning & Development that has innovated for nearly a century in advising and supporting companies in their need to transform and grow, advancing the personal and professional development of individuals and organisations worldwide.
Present in Portugal since 1962, CEGOC develops solutions with its clients, to enhance the transfer of learning to the workplace, resulting in effective and measurable improvement in individual and team performance.
As the preferred learning and team development partner for the Santa Maria Manuela, CEGOC’s purpose is to boost the success of People and Organisations, helping them to overcome their limits and to achieve higher levels of competence, boldness and competitiveness.


During team development programs aboard the Santa Maria Manuela, clients have an immersive learning experience which enhances team bonding and develops effective team dynamics and systems which have a positive effect on organizational performance back in the office.  The Santa Maria Manuela experience also promotes team spirit, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, motivation, communication and cohesion, whilst embedding organizational culture, values and awareness.


The synergies between performance in the workplace and aboard the Santa Maria Manuela are clear. Aboard, participants are challenged to go beyond their “comfort zone” as they immerse themselves in actively sailing the ship in coordination with their fellow shipmates, under the careful guidance of the professional crew.
This hands-on experience, which sees teams undergo an intense introduction to sailing, taking participants from complete novices to a coordinated team of sailors within 2 days, capable of independently changing the direction of the ship.
By inspiring positive team behaviors, our programs encourage participants to reflect on their own business environment, how they interact with their teammates and how their leadership and communication style affects business outcomes.


This experience is for all leaders and team members, offering a memorable collaborative experience with measurable improvement to team dynamics. It also offers effective personal development experiences, enhancing individual and organizational effectiveness.
This historic sailing ship is a powerful business metaphor which inspires collaboration in a dynamic environment where changing weather and sea conditions closely reflect the unpredictability of market forces and the dynamics of the business world which have an impact on a team’s ability to perform. This intensive learning environment helps to put teams under pressure, offering clear insights for your organization’s Talent Development plans.


"The day was amazing, it exceeded all expectations! It was a very enriching and immersive experience".

Marta Pedro, Rubis Energia

"I would love to bring a BPI team here, so it is clear for me that it was transformative experience from the very beginning, because it gives us practical ideas for our day-to-day work and for what we have to do and plan in the future".
Ana, BPI

"What a remarkable day! I can take from this experience many lessons and ideas to implement within my organisation at the level of skills development."
Carla, Rádio Renascença

"The most important thing I’ll take with me is sharing experiences, networking and meeting new people. I’ll also take new ideas, not only to do this with some teams of my company, but to share this experience with them all".
Pedro, Euro BIC

"It was a great day. Most of the people didn't know each other in the beginning and now I believe we are here as friends. It was a fabulous experience that should be shared with other companies and people."
Gonçalo, Sociedade Comercial C. Santos

"I think this concept works very well in the team leadership area and I'm already imagining ways to include these dynamics in the team I work with. This would be an experience to repeat, obviously!"
Rita, NOS