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When you book your flights, please allow enough extra time in your schedule to avoid any problems with embarkation in case of delays. If you have to travel for more then 8 hours or if alternative transport is limited please plan to arrive (minimal) one day before embarkation. Please also keep in mind that you take enough time between disembarkation and your flight home, preferably a flight one or more days later. If you do want to fly the same day of disembarkation we advise you to book a flight end of the day.


If your journey is sailing in foreign waters, you will require a full passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the journey. Please check with your embassy to see if you need to arrange any immigration visa or permit to travel to any of the countries the voyage will visit. You will be responsible for obtaining these.


The Santa Maria Manuela is fully insured and we offer Third Party Liability Insurance to cover all on board. We do not cover possible damage while being ashore. We advise all those sailing with us to take out relevant travel and health insurance. Some travel insurances are not accustomed to sailing holidays, but have a look at Top Sail Insurance or World Nomads.


Please complete the booking form online in full. It not only gives us important information about how to contact you but also lets us know about any specific requirements you may have.
We ask that you make payment through our website in full at the time of your booking.


• All meals on board Santa Maria Manuela – including daily breakfast, lunch and evening meal;
• Refreshments (coffee, tea, water and juice) throughout the day;
• Use of safety equipment;
• All instruction on board by fully qualified crew;
• Third Party Liability Insurance.


• Travel to and from the boat;
• Personal travel insurance;
• For alcoholic and soft drinks please ask onboard crew members for details;
• Any excursions and meals on shore unless otherwise stated;
• Immigration fees.



A sailing ship at sea is much steadier than a motor vessel and most people get used to the motion of the ship after a few days but if you think you might be susceptible to seasickness, please bring your own seasickness pills. We advise you to try these before you leave home in case you suffer any side-effects.


We make every effort to ensure the safety of every person on board but we also ask that you take responsibility for their own health and safety.
When undertaking ocean voyages we are often several days from harbor so we need to be self-sufficient. Aboard we have an emergency health store and a number of the ships officers are medically trained to a basic level.
We ask everyone travelling with us to complete our health declaration form. If you have any specific medical needs we may also ask you to submit a ‘fit to travel document’ document from your doctor. Once you have submitted your health declaration please inform the office of the Santa Maria Manuela about any change in condition.
You will be required to bring any medication you require for any health disorder or sickness you may have.
All bookings are subject to the approval of the company, Santa Maria Manuela Turismo SA and the captain based on the completed health statement.


To ensure that you are completely at ease when you make your booking, and when you join the Santa Maria Manuela, we want to let you know about our money back guarantee and our comprehensive COVID-19 screening, sanitation and separation policy


If you have any questions please email, or call:
Portuguese +351 9380 41284
International +351 9380 40843