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Oceano Azul Fountation

Foundation Oceano Azul

The mission of the Foundation is to contribute to the sustainability of a healthy and productive ocean, by seeking to:

  • deepen society’s understanding and knowledge of the importance of ocean sustainability, with a particular emphasis on new generations, particularly through education programmes;
  • contribute to changing peoples’ behavior in relation to the ocean, by supporting ocean conservation, and promoting and sharing success stories and good practices;
  • contribute towards a new governance of the ocean, guided by ethical values and based on scientific knowledge, by supporting capacity building, particularly in the creation of regulations/laws and innovative public policies, their implementation and in the sharing of good practices;
  • encourage the development of an environmentally friendly economy (blue economy), promoting innovation and sustainable technologies, for a sound use of marine resources through capacity building actions.

Oceanário de Lisboa

Oceanário de Lisboa

“Oceanário de Lisboa is a public aquarium, totally dedicated to knowledge of the ocean and its conservation, being one of the most visited places in Portugal.

It has been recognized three times as the ‘world's best aquarium’ by TripAdvisor's Travelers’Choice. Touring under the name ‘One Planet, One Ocean’, the main exhibition at the Oceanário de Lisboa is a journey to discover the Global Ocean, represented by the imposing central aquarium and the approximately 8000 marine creatures of 500 species that inhabit this exhibition.

The Oceanário de Lisboa employs a team of highly qualified biologists and engineers who ensure the quality of its exhibitions and provide consulting services to several aquariums and similar institutions. In fulfilling its mission, Oceanário is committed to continuously develop educational activities aimed at encouraging people to learn more about the oceans and marine species, seeking to draw people’s attention to current environmental issues and their own role in ocean conservation.

By visiting the Oceanário de Lisboa, visitors are also contributing to ocean and marine biodiversity conservation, as it collaborates with several institutions with a view to promoting ocean sustainability, by supporting scientific research and marine biodiversity conservation projects.”

Waste Free Oceans

Waste Free Oceans

Waste Free Oceans mission is to collect and transforms ocean plastic into new, innovative products. We partner with recyclers, converters and brands to make optimal use of available resources and raise awareness of plastic pollution. Based in Brussels, we also operate in the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Waste Free Oceans


Aporvela aims to promote the connection of people to the Sea, keeping the tradition of our maritime heritage alive. We are responsible for the organization of numerous nautical events worldwide. We maintain a special connection with youth, training sailors in sea and sailing training programs on the Caravela Vera Cruz and large sailboats that participate in Tall Ships Races every year. Vera Cruz, a faithful replica of the Portuguese caravels of the 15th century, welcomes thousands of children and young people on school visits on board.

Sail Training Training

Sail Training International

STI’s mission is the development and education of young people through the sail training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background.

Escola Nautica

Escola Nautica

A Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH) é a Instituição Marítima de Ensino Superior de Portugal. Situa-se em Paço de Arcos, perto de Lisboa. A missão da Escola é "educar e treinar oficiais para a Marinha Mercante nacional e internacional e outros graduados para atividades marítimas relacionadas, como gestão portuária, transportes e logística".

A ENIDH possui um campus moderno que inclui várias salas de aula, laboratórios e simuladores, piscina coberta e ginásio. Outras instalações incluem uma cantina e um edifício residencial para 120 alunos. Atualmente, o Colégio possui cerca de 780 alunos.

A ENIDH pertence à rede pública de ensino superior portuguesa. Todos os cursos marítimos do ENIDH são certificados pela National Higher Education Accreditation Agency (A3ES) e pela European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). A aplicação da Declaração de Bolonha a todos os cursos desde 2007, posiciona a ENIDH como uma instituição de ensino superior europeia de referência no domínio da educação marítima.

Escola Superior Náutica Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH) is the National Portuguese Maritime College of Portugal. Is located at Paço de Arcos, near Lisbon. The College's mission is "educating and training officers for the national e international Merchant Marine and other graduates for related maritime related activities, such as port management, transports and logistics".

ENIDH has a modern facility campus which include several classrooms, laboratories and simulators, an indoor swimming pool and gymnasium. Other facilities include a canteen and a residence building for 120 students. Nowadays, the College has approximately 780 students.

ENIDH belongs to the Portuguese public higher education network.  All ENIDH's maritime courses are certified by National Higher Education Accreditation Agency (A3ES) and by European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).

The application of Bologna Declaration to all courses since 2007, position ENIDH as an European higher education institution of reference in the maritime education field.



CEGOC is part of the CEGOS Group – global leader in Learning & Development that has innovated for nearly a century in advising and supporting companies in their need to transform and grow, advancing the personal and professional development of individuals and organisations worldwide.

Present in Portugal since 1962, CEGOC develops solutions with its clients, to enhance the transfer of learning to the workplace, resulting in effective and measurable improvements in both individual and team performance. As the preferred learning and team development partner for the Santa Maria Manuela, CEGOC’s purpose is to boost the success of People and Organisations, helping them overcome their limits, leveraging skills to enhanced performance.

As the preferred experiential learning and team development partner for the Santa Maria Manuela, CEGOC’s purpose is to boost the success of People and Organisations, helping them to overcome their limits and to achieve higher levels of competence, boldness and competitiveness.

Lifetree’s Ocean REGEN Lab

Lifetree’s Ocean REGEN Lab

Lifetree’s Ocean REGEN Lab catalyzes ocean regeneration by teaching the art of Responsible LeaderShip.  The world needs more leaders to do the right thing for the future. There’s plenty of technology, data and even money to regenerate the oceans, but what is missing is a conscious choice and specific skills to implement regenerative business strategies.  In partnership with the Santa Maria Manuela, we have developed unforgettable Tall Ship voyages for business owners, executives and board members who wish to learn alongside high-caliber peers from around the world.  The Lab offers delegates the unique opportunity to address core challenges and co-create regenerative strategies as you sail on the ocean, for the ocean.

The Lifetree Global team are consultants for responsible business, who share a personal passion for marine life. From skippering sailing-yachts to marine conservation, leading international climate change research to working with coastal indigenous communities, we know how precious the oceans are. We offer confidential, inspirational programs to enhance Responsible LeaderShip choices together with practical input from a world-class team of business mentors, investors, scientists, and executive coaches.

Rebel Online

Rebel Online

Rebel Online is a boutique agency specialized in Ecommerce, Marketing Automation & PPC (Facebook Ads & Google Shopping).  With clients across the world, we've generated over 4M€ in revenue through the use of Paid Media, Shopify and Email Marketing.